Autumn/Winter 2021 Campaign: Generation Aburokyire (Abroad)

Generation Abroad Campaign: The Family Gathering.
This Campaign is all about coming together and enjoying as
one family. The models we used have all contributed to the growth of L’ORIGINE in
their own way. They’re actually a part of our journey and a part of our friends
and family. We visually display the same type of genuine togetherness, fun and community
bond the First Generation Abroad had during their gatherings. All is good when
we are with each other. Roots Will Grow Power.
The Autumn/Winter ’21 collection titled: Generation Aburokyire (Abroad),
is a personal story of our founder and designer Dyllan Ahinful Alias Kofikoboe.
“The term I hear the most when visiting Ghana. It means abroad and generally
speaking stands for the countries in the western world. My parents are a part
of the first generation of their family to travel abroad in the 90’s and settle
in a country abroad. Traveling from Ghana (or any African country for that
matter) abroad was seen as heading towards better chances in life. The
challenges that would come with that never even came to mind. A new
environment, new language and new climate were just a few of the minor
struggles they would face. Nothing was easy for them and all the others they
met in their collective journey abroad. The system wasn’t made for them and they
had to find their own way. These factors made them creative. In most cases not
creative in the classical sense of the word (as we (the second generation) are blessed to
be today), but creative in overcoming their common struggle by any means
necessary. This empowered them and brought them together as a community with a
strong culture, they then passed on to us (the second Generation Abroad).
They had to endure a lot of challenges for us to become as free as we are today.
As a child I always saw them as strong and hard working people, enjoying their lives
to the fullest in the moments they have. Especially during family and holiday
gatherings when everybody would come in their sharpest outfit. They never
showed us how hard times really were. Because there was no time to complain, they
were determined to make something of the hand they were dealt in life and break
the cycle for us. A lot of our parents didn’t even have time to get a degree
when they arrived abroad. They were already supporting their families back home
at a relatively young age, so often they had no choice but to work hard. And so
they did, with pride. This first Generation Abroad is literally the base of my
creativity and the reason I’m so proud of my roots. Their strength, creativity
and sense of community is impeccable. They are the root of stability for their
family in their Motherland and Abroad. For this collection I handpicked
gatherings and the vibe of the first years of my parents and other family
members abroad caught on film. I used this footage as an inspiration for the
designs and general feel of the collection to pay hommage to them, their
struggle and the strength of a community. Roots Will Grow Power.”
Dyllan Ahinful
Photographer: André Morgan
Concept: Dyllan Ahinful
Set Design: Jocelyn Onueseke
Styling: Dyllan Ahinful
Models: L'ORIGINE Family:
Ray-Jay Acheampong
Solomon Addai
Stephen Adei
Kwame Agyemang
Samuel Ampong
Michael Gyau
Ruby Heilbron
Aisha Karamowa
Jocelyn Onueseke
Annelijn Oviawe
Eleonora Posumah
Anes Tuffour