L'ORIGINE Insider News: L'ive L'ike L'upio

This campaign is a tribute to our friend and pr-manager who passed away in 2020. Joshua
Lewi Agyemang also known as Lupio, impacted us with his strong mindset, resilience and joy.
He unfortunately lost his lifelong battle with sickle cell. Although he was fighting this intense
battle, he never actually let us know how hard it was for him and what he was really facing.
He just tried to enjoy life as much as he could. He was always there for us when we needed
him and we will never forget his tireless efforts for the brand. He was one of the brightest
lights we encountered during this journey. That’s why we decided to make him a part of the
brand for always by naming our L’ face mascotte after him. By naming our mascotte after
him we want to tell you that our brand will be as resilient, strong and joyful as L’upio was
and that people should feel this when wearing our brand’s L’upio logo. To live life to the
fullest is to L’ive L’ike L’upio.




Racine L'upio Patch White

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Randy Vest L'upio Diamond Jacquard Nimbus Cloud

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Crew L'upio Patch Sky Blue

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Racine L'upio Patch Cloud

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Crew L'upio Patch Cloud

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