The Foundation

L’ORIGINE is founded by two Ghanaians born in Amsterdam: Dyllan Ahinful & Jeffrey Mensah. They are two best friends who know each other since the first grade. They lived on the same block in the Bijlmer, Amsterdam.

In late April 2014, the two friends had a conversation about life, how they live and use their talents. They initiated the idea, of starting something for themselves. The idea was easily linked to one of their passions, fashion. The two friends always get a lot of compliments, in regard to their unique style. They had a feeling that they could influence people with their clothing and thought they certainly, could establish their own brand.


The Name

After months of brainstorming about the name, ‘L’ORIGIN3’ was established. When they initiated the idea of making their own clothing, they wanted to find a name that represents their roots. Their roots both lie in Ghana and in the same village, Ashanti Bekwai. The French word origine means origin. L’ is the article. Translated literally it means the origin as a subtle reference to their roots,their family and friendship as the origin of the idea. The ‘3’ turned backwards is the letter ε in the Ghanaian alphabet.


The Couture

The case was to determine what kind of clothes, would be sold. Both have an urban couture/high street fashion style. Thus, they wanted urban couture clothing with a sense of their own identity. The pieces vary from basic hoodies to sophisticated trousers.


The Identity

At last it was important to give the clothing an identity. They developed a composite logo. First they used an Adinkra symbol from Ghana, that symbolizes two good friends. They combined this symbol with the emblem of the Ashanti flag and named the logo: ‘KOBOE’. KOBOE stands for: Kings Of Blessed Origin Erected.

This word is derived from the word: ‘BOKOE’, a slur people in The Netherlands used to tease Ghanaian/African children with in the youth of the founders. Then they developed the hidden message label that is present in all their clothing. The message is an old African proverb in a significant blue color. The blue color in Ghanaian traditional clothing symbolizes peace.


The Message states:

‘ If there’s no enemy within,

the enemy outside can do us no harm’ 

This is translated into French, because of the love for the French language from the two initiators. At the end of the message is written:

‘- C’est L’origine -‘, because it’s the foundation of the brand, if the friendship they started the brand with, remains strong, nothing in the future can break the brand!

– C’est L’origine –

Sizing Guide

Merino size chart

This size chart is intended for reference only. Sizes can vary between brands.

Label size India UK Bust
(in inches)
(in inches)
XS XS 4-6 32 26
S S 8-10 34 28
M M 12-14 36 30
L L 16-18 39 33
XL XL 20 42 36
XXL XXL 22 44 38

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