L'Line Autumn/Winter 2020: L'ess

L'Line Autumn/Winter 2020:

L'ess L'ookbook


This Season’s L’Line Essentials drop is titled ‘L’ESS’.

As People we tend to get stuck on an idea that we have to do more… Over and over again. Everything needs to be bigger and better every time.

We tend to put an unhealthy amount of pressure to achieve on ourselves. We don’t stop to enjoy or embrace what we’ve already accomplished.

Rather we compare ourselves to the highest standards and crave more. More doesn’t always mean better. Less can be better, less can be more. As a reference to these thoughts in a time of staying home due to Covid-19 and the leading phrase in the 20th Century Architecture movement Modernism:

“Less is more” (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe), we created these essentials with a calming color palette based on the Modernistic Architect Le Corbusier’s Color System. The Colors are Naturally harmonious and can be combined in any way. Each hue has its relevance and embodies specific spatial and human effects.

We are greatly influenced by certain colors which, in turn, influence how we view things. The designs are simplistic with our logo incorporated in a

clean embossed style, showing L’ess but creating more. L’ess is Calm.

Photographer: Abel Mellema

Styling: Dyllan Ahinful

Make-Up: Naffie Abdulluuhab

Model: Ray-Jay Acheampong