L’ORIGINE DE Qoboe: Amma Asante                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         09-11-16

By: Dan Afrifa

We are about to release  our first ever women’s collection soon: L’ORIGINE DE Femme. Alongside the new collection we are also introducing a new term: QOBOE: Queens Of Blessed Origin Erected. As alternative for all ‘female koboes ‘. Because you are the first Ghanaian who has reached the Tweede Kamer, we would like to crown you as the very first Qoboe! We see you as an example for young women in the Netherlands.

“How sweet of you!”

On to the questions!

The questions are divided into: Fashion, politics and being a ‘Qoboe’ in the Netherlands.





How would you describe your style?

Feminine, with an eye for my roots. Most of the time I like to wear a dress with high heels. I want to embody femininity, power and proudness of my roots. For example, during Prinsjesdag I chose to wear a modern hat with a kente interior.

What does fashion mean to you?

To me, fashions consist of three elements: the message, the person and the clothes. Those three must, at all times, match with each other.

Who is your style icon?

I like to see women in top positions that dare to embody their femininity. Michelle Obama is an excellent example of that.



Do you follow the political situation in Ghana?

No but my husband follows the news on the radio. Inevitably I do get updated on the satus quo. The tone of the politicians and the journalist saddens me. Instead of presenting a vision, they spend most of the time on blasting each other.

Clinton vs. Trump

Obama! On a serious note, Hilary had a story, experience and truly is a powerful woman. The way Trump addressed minorities is just outrageous. Hilary was my candidate.

What do you expect for the upcoming Dutch elections?

I can’t predict the future. But I do see that our society is polarizing. And I do see that the polls do not favor the leftwing parties. But I do believe that people still expect something from the PVDA and that is a source of hope for me. The PVDA believes that we have to work together to establish a better future for the Netherlands.


Being Ghanaian in the Netherlands

Have you ever felt not at home in this country?

Yes, those are the subtle moments. At the university the first thing people always asked was if ‘we’ had cars in Ghana. Or when you walk into an office and people automatically seem to assume that you are the secretary. It seems that it is hard for people to imagine that woman of color can actually be in top positions. But I always tell myself: I won’t allow such things to get me down.

What are your favorite Ghanaian dishes?

‘Redred’; fried banana with beans and fish.

Do you have a message for the youth?

I can’t tell people how to live. But I want to stress the fact that education is essential in this society. Stay in school! Adding to that, stay connected with your roots. Do not forget where you or your (grand-)parents came from. As last, I want to encourage the youth to have an open mindset. Explore the world we live in, because it has way more to offer than you can ever imagine!



Shot by: Warsan Meke




Friday November 25th is the day for Société L’ORIGINE. During this event, we will release three new collections: Kekeli: Ewe, Le Bleu and of course L’ORIGINE DE Femme. Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate! The event will take place in the L’ORIGINE pop-up store located at Vossiusstraat 54, Amsterdam. Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/730722713745229/