La troisième L’ORIGINE DE editorial has been shot. The ‘uncool kid’, rapper Jay-Way is featured 

in this edition. Pictures taken by: Isaac Kojo Owusu and Styled by: L’ORIGINE

Graphics by: L’ORIGINE

Enjoy the pictures and interview below!

                                                              – C’est L’Origine –

L’ORIGINE DE Jay-Way                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         16-01-17

By: Dan Afrifa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Jay-way is the uncoolest rapper of the world and is writing music for 10 years now. I’m receiving some appreciation now.

My ambition is to be restless. When I grow old I want to look back and say that I did everything to  make the most out of my talents. Preferably but not solely through music.

My biggest achievement yet is that I’m making a living of the music I love to make. I’m doing that with a positive message and without being a sell-out. I’m also proud of hitting one million streams on Spotify recently with my single “Happen Dappen”.


The best way to describe my music is: medication wrapped as candy. Nobody likes medication but everybody loves candy. My texts are also full of hope. I have a religious background. There is so much more to life than drugs, violence and sex. I want to offer people an alternative to that.

I’ve done a lot of memorable shows but the most captivating was in Leiden: 11 November 2016 in Godcentre. The crowd was super turned and more people came than I expected. It was awesome to see that the crowd knew the words to my songs because I barely do shows in Leiden. It was cool that I could share this moment on stage with my friends instead of them standing in the crowd. Shout out to Leiden, I hope to visit y’all again next year.

I would love to do a show at Coachella in five years from now. A show at the North Sea Jazz would also be nice. That must happen in less than five years. Maybe next year.


My style of dressing is “just Jay-Way”. It’s weird, its uncool. I wear what I like. Give me €50 and I’ll guarantee a dope outfit. Back when I didn’t had much to spend, I got accustomed to dressing myself on a low budget.

I do think that my roots unconsciously influence my style of dressing.

Pharrel would be my fashion icon. But I do not really  value fashion icons. I do admire style icons like Michael Jackson. Personalities that just do and wear what they want. Embodying a style that isn’t necessarily associated with some brands.