The first L’ORIGINE DE editorial has been shot with no one else than Dutch artist BKO, from Rotterdam Airlines.

 Pictures taken by: Isaac Kojo Owusu and Styled by: Elise Kraemer

Graphics by: L’ORIGINE

Enjoy the pictures and interview below!

    – C’est L’Origine –

L’ORIGINE DE BKO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        01-08-16

By: Dyllan Ahinful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

I’m Bryan Oduro A.K.A BKO A.K.A stretch, Baba Tunde.

I have many names.


I attended ROC Hilversum and studied sport and movement. I didn’t really like the course, so I just started making music. That’s how we started WellPaid (former musicgroup). So we started making music, dropping songs and now we’re here. My biggest success so far is that Rotterdam Airlines signed me. My goals are to perform at a big festival like lowlands or something crazy (huge).


My music… well my choice of words is different in the kind of music I make. That makes me who I am and that makes me unique. The most fun performance I had was with SBMG (other musicgroup) In the Sand 4 years ago. It was crazy, the crowd went wild over there. In five years time I expect to be amongst the top 3 of The Netherlands, England, America, Ghana and so forth. Because I don’t only rap in Dutch I can also make English music.


How I would describe my clothing style: unique, elegant and I’m a trendsetter. Everything I wear looks great on me. I can wear a cheaper brand and make it look expensive. I alter my own trousers. I think my origin has influence on my clothing style, because I think Ghanaians can dress well and always want to look sharp for the outside world and I always want to look good as well so.. Definetly. A fashion icon in The Netherlands is Rasskulz. I also look at Filling Pieces, Daily Paper and L’ORIGINE ofcourse. All Day L’ORIGINE


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