Meester Kwame X L’ORIGINE:

Meester Kwame is a lawyer by day and a local charismatic tutor/teacher in his free time. He is a role model in the Ghanaian community in Amsterdam who gives children that extra push they need to succeed. Meester Kwame inspires us and all of the youth with his #maakjeouderstrots #makeyourparentsproud. His hashtag is to remind the youth why it’s important to go to school, clean the house or help others. Because as he says: ‘Something you will never be able to pay back, is the love and care you get from your parents as a child. The least we can do, is: be responsible, do our outmost best in life and try to make the lives of our parents easier. That’s the way to make your parents proud. You only have one life to accomplish this! ‘

We chose to join forces, because L’ORIGINE is all about empowering the youth and beyond. We love the message Meester Kwame wants to spread across the world and we hope to spread it further with this playful collaboration! #maakjeouderstrots #makeyourparentsproud

The Classroom

A place you spend a lot of hours in from your childhood until the end of your teenage years. A place you learn to work hard and what the consequences are if you don’t. A place that isn’t only about teaching or learning. An environment that sets you up with common knowledge, you’ll need in life. The classroom… A place that builds your character and has an everlasting impact on your life.

#maakjeouderstrots #makeyourparentsproud

By: Isaac Kojo Owusu


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