Koboe To The World: Motilayo Williams

The multitalented conceptmaker Motilayo Williams  – Koboe To The world.

By: Dyllan Ahinful; Image By: Motilayo Williams


“I always try to tell (another side of) a story and show the world how I see things”.

The Koboe To The World Serie displays the creative minds that inhabit this beautiful world.

Meet Motilayo Williams, a stylist, illustrator and conceptmaker from Amsterdam and Koboe (@xmothii).

Who are you?

I’m Motilayo Williams a stylist, illustrator and concept maker who also

started videography not long ago (I know it is a lot haha) from Amsterdam, NL

How does your background/roots influence your creative output?

I feel like I’m a very westernized african girl. I have become a mix of

the two cultures and I think you can always see this in my work.

COMING HOME from Motilayo Williams on Vimeo.

What do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?

My work is always about something that fascinates me or has been on

my mind for a while. I always try to tell (another side of) a story and show

the world how I see things.

What is the best part about creating art?

It gives you the freedom to explore and push your boundaries, but also get

to know yourself better, because it’s such a personal/intimate thing to do.

What is the most challenging part of being an artist?

The fact that people don’t value the time and effort u put into your work. I often

get asked to do something for someone for free, just because “it will just take me a

few minutes”.

What artists influence your work the most?

Not sure to be honest, I do a lot of different things, but I guess Solange’s drive

and the way she is true to herself inspires me a lot.

How do you see the future of your work/ category of art?

I see myself collaborating with a lot of different cool people from all over the world,

bringing creatives together and creating something very cool.


By: Motilayo Williams


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