This Summer Capsule Collection is the prelude for what is set to be the 2018 Spring/Summer Société Collection.

Launching two esthetic t-shirts: the Racine Dna and the Racine Fej. Resembling the beginnings of L’ORIGINE:  a dream of two young men wanting to influence the fashionworld in their own way.

The L’ORIGINE Keychain is introduced in two appealing colourways, also resembling the beginnings of L’ORIGINE.

This capsule collection contains a new accessoire: The Laser Waistbag. The summer essential is the result of our first collaboration with a partner in our Société: Afrolosjes. Afrolosjes is the flagship of the Afro club scene, proudly representing and spreading the sound of Africa. This collaboration embodies our vision of empowering and reaching out to local powers.